Saturday, January 14, 2017

The woes of spraying

This has been an uneventful week for me. Things are going well at work, though I'm working a little too hard these days and have decided I don't have enough time for all the books I'm reading. Sadly, I've had to cut out a few of the books in my currently reading list, so that I can finish SOMETHING this month. Also my male cat, Puck, whom I have not had money to fix yet, has started spraying. Yuck. It has not been going on long and I'm hoping the behavior will stop once he's neutered. The internet says that he'll probably spray for a little while after being fixed, but if the behavior has not been going on long there's a good chance he'll stop. This is exactly why I didn't want a male cat at all, but, alas, when I had the chance at two free kittens one of them was male. And the vets convinced me to fix the female first. Shouldn't have listened. 

I have not been exercising as I've had a busy work schedule (16 hour days), and I'm being a bit lazy. Hopefully I can get back to training next week, or the week after. But I've been doing a good job of eating healthier and less. 

Also, I've decided to go off the Abilify altogether because of the huge price-hike. I just upped the dose of my Lamictal and hope that is enough to keep me stable. I am very aware of the tells of going manic or depressed, so hopefully if I start to destabilize I will notice right away and do something about it. The problem of going manic is that it's fun and I get lots of things done. People with bipolar disorder tend not to want to keep up their meds when they start to go manic. 

Currently Reading: I cut out the Paradise Lost. I just don't have time to keep up with a group read right now. I may read PL next year. We'll see. I decided to set aside Evicted, Swann's Way, and The Stand until I finish what I'm currently reading/listening to. I've also decided that after Wizard of Oz, I will stop reading the Baum series this year, and not read one a month. There are other books I'd like to read for the Pop Sugar and Back to the Classics challenges and a little variety in my reading will help me enjoy the year better. I got behind on the Harry Potter because I was toying with the idea of quitting it, too. But I decided I need a little fun in my life. 


  1. Tough calls. Good luck with the med changes. I hate it when what you (or I) need costs more than we can afford! Health insurance is a mess, yet my coverage is a little better since Obamacare kicked in - for now.

  2. Wow, that's kind of an avalanche of books! It's too bad that you won't be reading Oz along with us, but I totally don't blame you with everything you've got on your plate right now.