Saturday, January 7, 2017

Ramping up for New Year

Well, the new year has begun quite well for me on the reading front. As you can see below I'm reading a lot of books. This new reading mania is mostly due to the new year and new goals which I haven't whittled down to a reasonable level yet. But part of it may actually be the start of hypomania. I dropped my Abilify cold turkey a week ago because my new insurance was going to charge me $240 per month for it. Isn't that ridiculous? I feel like taking a moment to rant about the broken system in which people have to pay so much money for insurance, and then so much money for medical care. The system is so broken. 

If only my newly found hypomania extended to either cleaning my house (being more organized is a goal of this year) or exercising. But alas. Just to reading. I have been doing a moderate job of cleaning out my closets and making a huge pile for Goodwill this week, but of course that only makes my rooms look more messy! And exercising - nada. But there's always tomorrow, right? 

Books completed this week: In the Woods, by Tana French. Just in time for my RL book club on Sunday. And my first Serial Reader book, North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell. Reviews coming up on Sunday and Monday.

I'm currently reading this unwieldy compilation of books which will probably be whittled down to a more reasonable number of books soon: Wizard of Oz (read-a-long), Paradise Lost (read-a-long), Bible (read-a-long), Harry Potter (#hpchapteraday), The Stand (been working on this one for a while, it's long), The Winter's Tale (Serial Reader book for "A book with one of the four seasons in the title" category of Pop Sugar Challenge and "Romance" category of Back to the Classics 2017), The Unwinding (read-a-long), Evicted (group read on LibraryThing), Kindred (group read on LibraryThing), Swann's Way (group read on LibraryThing). As it is, I don't expect to finish any of them during the following week. :)

And I acquired a graphic novel of Pride and Prejudice (this was actually an accidental purchase, but I'm still happy with it); Listen, Liberal by Thomas Frank; The Populist Explosion, by John B Judis; Strangers in Their Own Land, by Arlie Russell Hochschild (all three for the understanding Trump's win read-a-long); and Ben in the World, by Doris Lessing (the sequel to The Fifth Child, which I read in November). 

Post-publication PS: I guess I should really start answering my blog comments daily. I'm used to waiting a week because I'd get like 2-3 comments per week. But Now I've got around 20 unanswered comments! Sorry everyone! I do love your comments!


  1. I could go on the same rant. Although we are uninsured and paying more for our care than what they charge the insurance companies, which is crap. It really isn't the uninsured who are taxing the system, it is the mass number of those who don't pay a dime for government coverage and then abuse the system. We have payed heavily for years and payed every dime charged, yet, I could tell horror stories of how I have received lesser care and not gotten tests that I need because the assumption that we don't have the ability to pay based on not having insurance. Ridiculous.
    Cleaning up all of those hidden areas in our homes does make a more sightly mess. Such a pain, but it feels good when it's done. I tend to take on huge projects at home, make a huge mess, throw a turkey or some other time consuming meal in the oven, and then peter out and not want to finish.
    That Pride and Prejudice graphic novel looks cool. I have an anime version. Anime isn't at all my thing, but I love that book.

  2. I just added Strangers in their Own Land to my TBR as well - may do that one on audio.

  3. I'm falling behind on answering comments too, so I get it! Not to mention blog post reading, as you can probably tell :)