Saturday, February 27, 2016

In which Rachel tries out being a moulage patient

This was a good week. I got lots of studying done, did well on a test, went out to dinner with the family for my nephew's 3rd birthday (he's turning 12 on the 29th), and tried out being a moulage patient for an EMS program. 

In case you don't know what a moulage patient is, medical students, EMS students, etc. need practice patients to assess and diagnose. Moulage patients are make-uped to look like they're sick or have undergone trauma. This experience was fantastic for me since it prepares me for my practical exams for my EMT class, which will happen in a couple of weeks. In fact, I was moulaging for EMT students, so the test is exactly the same as I will experience myself! It's a pretty low-brain job which pays a reasonable amount of money. I enjoyed it so much that I agreed to do another run in a couple of weeks, and I applied for a "casual-but-long-term" job doing it. It's not the job I want after I graduate, but since it's casual I can do it every once in a while when it's convenient. We'll see if I get an interview. 

Monthly wrap-up

Overall, the month has been a good one. I went down to part time at work, started exercising on a regular basis, and have been doing well in my EMT class. I will have finished 8 books - a decrease from the 14 from last month. I know it seems like I should have more reading time now that I'm part-time, but I have a lot less time in the car to listen to audiobooks, and I'm spending a good deal of my new free-time studying. 


Little House on the Prairie, by Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Reivers, by William Faulkner

A Passage to India, by E. M. Forster

Lecture 6 of Stress and Your Body

Currently Reading

Completed this week


I bought The Last Week and Neurotribes because I knew that I would be reading them soon. The Last Week is a great book to read during Lent since it's about the last week of Jesus' life. Neurotribes was on sale at Audible for a two-for-one sale, and I added on Bluebeard. Neurotribes will wait until autism April. In the Woods was a gift from a LibraryThing friend.


  1. So impressed with all you are achieving..... books, study, work.
    At the moment I am trying to plan my reading for 2016. Your varied selections and given me some ideas. Mentioned you on my blog (meme #38 Classics Club) as a great inspiration!

    1. Thanks a lot for the mention! So sweet of you.

  2. Being a moulage patient sounds interesting. I see a few book I'd like to read, especially the King book. Good for you for starting to exercise on a regular basis.

    1. The Serpent King was an amazing story, if you get the chance you should definitely read it.