Saturday, January 16, 2016

In which Rachel Quits her Job

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So this week I lost one of my employees. This particular employee is a very difficult person to work with, so in that way it was a relief. But it also meant that I would have to work every single weekend covering shifts from 2 missing employees instead of every other weekend covering the shifts of only one. Having just finished an incredibly busy week of EMT class and MnCOSA training while working full time, I realized that there's no way I'd pass my EMT class if I start working every weekend. It's just too much. So I quit. I actually quit my job. Well, in truth, I moved down to part time - so I'm helping out every other weekend and on Wednesdays until my boss can find someone to replace me and/or the missing employees. It was a hard choice to make, and a hard phone call to make as I hated dumping so much stress on my poor boss. But it was what I needed to do. 

As I said above, the EMT class started this week. It was nothing new since I'd already finished about 3 weeks of the class before asking to transfer to this semester. But I've now been CPR certified twice in 4 months. I feel a lot more confident this time around since I won't have another class and a full time job to distract me. 

Do you remember me telling you about how I was going to volunteer for COLUMNS, which is a program through the MN Department of Corrections to help a paroled life-termer reintegrate safely into society? Well, instead I ended up in the MnCOSA program, which works with sex offenders reintegrate safely into society. Remember, this isn't just about the safety and happiness of the sex offender (though that's partly what it's about to me), but it is also about helping the sex offender not offend again - it's for those people out there who could potentially be hurt. That's what Restorative Justice is all about. My training, which started on Tuesday, will last 2 more I'm going to be very busy until then with my EMT class twice a week and training twice a week and full-time job (for two more weeks). The training so far has been pretty interesting - learning about the justice system, about sexual deviancy, and talking to a rape survivor who writes and speaks nationally about his experiences and restorative justice. If you're interested, his name is Grant Watkins, and his book is called Unpinned. I'm reading it now. 


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  1. Wonderful update impressed with all you are working on in your life. The hard decisions difficult...because you know they are the right thing to do. Pace yourself, study diligently and don't forget to take a walk of a jog to clear your mind once and a while!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it was definitely the right thing to do. But it still makes me a little giddy to know that I don't have much income. Unfortunately I can't walk or jog when it's -40F windchill - I'm just not that dedicated - so I'll have to get a gym membership. But I definitely plan on it.

  2. Sometimes we have to do what is right for us. I sounds like you have a lot on your plate and you are involved in some seriously important endeavors.

    I remember quitting a job under similar circumstances. Good luck with everything.

    1. Thanks Brian. I know everything works out in the end, but it still makes me feel a bit giddy.

  3. Wow, sounds like a lot of life changes - but good ones - happening recently. The program you are part of sounds really interesting. Good luck!