Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Klingon Christmas Carol

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching A Klingon Christmas Carol performed at the Historic Mounds Theatre in Saint Paul. In case you're wondering: yup, that's a thing. It is the first play written and performed in Klingon (preceding the Klingon Shakespeare plays). The playwrights are Christopher Kidder-Mostrom and Sasha Warren. Its translation into English, shown on a screen behind the actors, was by Sasha Warren. 

SQuja' is a cowardly money lender who not only refuses to take place in the yearly warrior festival of Kahless, refuses to donate money for orphans to be trained as warriors, and forces his assistant to work so much that he is unable to train his crippled son tImHom to spar.

But on the eve of Kahless, his friend marlI', who is as dead as a "red shirt" appears to SQuja' to warn him that he will be visited by three spirit warriors on this evening. The spirit of Khaless past, present, and future visit him and at the end of the night SQuja' has gained courage to become a generous and brave warrior himself. 

The play was quite funny and well-performed by our local Klingons here in the Twin Cities. The only thing that struck me as a little off was that marlI' was as dead as a "red shirt" but appeared as a doorknob, like Marlee of the Dickens story - if you remember he was as dead as a doorknob. marlI' should have appeared as a red shirt. 


  1. I knew that Klingon had become a thriving language but did not know that it had gone this far :)

    Based on your commentary it sounds as if the concept really worked. This is something that I would love to see.

    1. Yeah, there are quite a few Klingon plays out there now. I imagine (though don't know) that there are even ones that are originally composed in Klingon.

  2. OMG Are you serious?? I must see a Klingon play!!