Sunday, March 13, 2016

In which Rachel has her last week of EMT lectures

Happy Daylight Saving weekend everyone! Not much happened this week out here in Rachel-land. The weather is beautiful, and I've been able to take some nice long walks around a lake - we have 10,000 of them out here in MN. ;) 

I had another moulage victim gig this week - this time I was a belligerent drunk with a tib-fib fracture and a tension pneumothorax. I got to yell at poor medical interns while they tried to convince their examiner that they knew what they were doing. It was pretty fun. My lines were "I'm going to die if you don't do something!" "I'm going to throw up!" and "I need to sit up so I can breathe!" The rest was all ad lib. I DO wonder if I'd be able to be quite so loud if I really had a tension pneumothorax, though. 

This is my last week of EMT lectures. From now on it's two full weeks of tests. I can't wait. *cringes*

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Season 1 of Flash and POP! Hulk were gifts for my boyfriend's birthday. Gooseberry Bluff Community College of Magic is my real-life bookclub choice this month.


  1. I love walking at a nearby river trail, but your post made me think about when I was growing up. We lived at the lake and I loved it.

    1. Yeah, lakes are great. We can walk by the Minnehaha Creek or the Mississippi River, too, but I like the circular path of the lake. That way I have a good idea of how far I walked, AND I end up near my car at the end, rather than turning around and walking back to it. :)

  2. Lovely to have nice enough weather this early for walks around lakes in Minnesota!

    1. Yeah, it's back down to freezing again. :) I'm trying to decide whether to walk around the lake regardless or whether to go to the fitness center. I tend to exercise longer when I'm walking around the lake.

  3. Haha, that sounds like quite a fun gig!