Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Roots, by Alex Haley

Roots, by Alex Haley

This is the epic story following the family of Kunta Kinte, who was kidnapped as a teenager from his home in Africa to be a slave in the US. His family is dramatically followed down the line to Alex Haley, the author. There is a well-known miniseries based on the book (it was pretty good), as well as a newer one which I've not seen. The first one follows the book almost perfectly. For the most part, this was an excellently written character-driven book. I enjoyed following the family down the generations. Unfortunately, Haley ruined it by claiming that it was actually his heritage, which it was not. That was a lie. It was also apparently plagiarized (including even some of the characters) from another book. :( Knowing that took some of the admiration I would have otherwise felt for the book. Still, it was quite good...and a good start for Black History Month.

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