Friday, November 11, 2016

Nonfiction November: What are you looking for weekly wrap-up

Another great week has passed with Nonfiction November! This week we discussed what you're looking for in nonfiction. This is a wrap-up post to give you an idea of what each person answered to this question. Be sure to check out all the blog posts, as well as participating in next week's book pairing prompt hosted by Sarah @ Sarah's Book Shelves.

Rachel @ Hibernator's Library (me!) said that I tend to like well-researched "textbook-like" nonfiction

Lory @ The Emerald City describes how she  prefers to stay away from textbook-like books and focus on books that have more of a personal feel to them.

Heather @ Based on a True Story outlines 4 characteristics that keeps her interested in nonfiction: authors who're writing about challenges that they've taken on for a certain period of time, authors who write about the travels they undertook while researching a book, books about food, and books about fighting injustice. 

Julie @ JulzReads reads about WWII, Romanovs, and Tudors, as well as space exploration, interesting biographies, mountain climbing adventures, Israel, and true crime.

Amanda @ A Bookshelf Monstrosity is not interested so much in topic as in the style in which the book is written. She enjoys the narrative writing style. 

Steph @ B.B. Toady describes what she's looking for in a nonfiction book cover for a variety of non-fiction subjects. 

Nick @ One Catholic Life likes books that have practical uses like books about spirituality and writing. He also likes books about books. 

Stacey @ Unruly Reader shared a great cover from a nonfiction book that she loves: Chasing Water. 

Risa @ The Next Chapter reads mostly travelogues and memoirs and enjoys "lovely, descriptive, evocative prose."

Katherine @ Writerly Reader  lists authors that she specifically looks for when choosing nonfiction books. 

Ellie @ Curiosity Killed the Bookworm likes books that explore niche subjects from many angles. 

Debbie Rodgers @ Exurbanis gives examples of some subtitles that drew her in. 

Katie @ Doing Dewey makes a good point about how the font on a title may affect a reader's choice. 

Eva @ The Paperback Princess shows us five covers that she really likes. 

Jo Ann @ Lakeside Musing says that she tries not to let covers influence her, and gives examples of several good books, some with inspiring covers and some not. 

Sarah @  Sarah's Book Shelves focuses on reading books that are vetted by trusted sources. 

Juliana @ ablankgarden reviewed Aphra Behn: the Incomparable Astrea, by Vita Sackville-West

Sharlene @ Real Life Reading likes books that are funny and those that have the author's personality infused in the writing. 

 Kailana @ The Written World wants to learn something new - she'll even try reading the drier stuff in order to learn. 

Amanda @ Gun in Act One loves books about feminism and biographies of awesome women.  

raidergirl3@ an adventure in reading gave examples of clever titles that drew her in.  


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