Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Corinthian, by Georgette Heyer

The Corinthian
Written by Georgette Heyer
Read by Georgina Sutton
The ridiculously wealthy Sir Richard Wyndham has just been bullied by his family into proposing to a cold-hearted mercenary woman whom he does not love. They day before his proposal, he goes on a drunken walk through the night-time city, and a boy climbs out of a window into his arms. But the boy turns out to be Penelope Creed, a young heiress who is likewise being pressured by her family to marry someone she doesn't love. Penelope is about to set out on a journey, and Wyndham feels obligated to escort her. 

The Corinthian is a fantastic adventure for both the characters and the reader. This is only my second Georgette Heyer book, but it'll probably end up to be my favorite. The characters made lovably silly choices all the way through the book, with humorous outcomes. The book remains light-hearted while sticking to a believable story-line. I can't wait to read another Heyer book - in fact I almost went ahead and picked up another right away. I'll definitely read another within the next few months. 


  1. I really like the premise of this book and sounds like a fun read. The Corinthian may have to be my next Heyer. Great review and thanks your participating in the tour!

  2. This was a fun one! Heyer is totally addictive, so I'm sure you'll be reading more sooner or later. Enjoy whatever you choose next.

    1. Yeah, I hope whatever I choose next will be as good as this one!

  3. This sounds fun.

    I like any book advocates the benefits of drunken walks :)